About me

I come from Długopole Górne- a small village lying in the Kłodzko Valley among the mountains. In the period between the fourth and fifth class of elementary school, I started to run. I liked those moments when you compete with yourself, where thinking plays a fundamental importance. I ran every day and took part in local events running.
When I went to high school and I started to commute to a larger town, I started working with the coach of the local club. I got it to school staff and in the first year ran with older boys from each other in many local competitions. At that time, I achieved some success in the running for a distance of 400 m, 1200 m and relays together with the representation of the school. I felt that years of work in front of me and I get a medal in the great sporting event.

In October 2004, the 2nd grade junior high school, I had an accident.
I was pushed by the boy who did it intentionally. Consequently, I broke the cervical spine and landed on the trolley starting a new chapter of life. At that time I did not stop, however, be active sports. Initially I participated in the competition wheelchair rugby. The real breakthrough came during the Paralympics in London in 2012 and feats Rafal Wilk. I do not know how it happened: I looked like a winner, I thought that cycling is for me and started realization of dreams.

In May 2013, after many attempts, I had first bike and started training. He made several marathons and Polish championship. For me it was a good start: I met Rafal, I met a real sport and know what I want in the next year. March 2014: The unexpectedly received a call to the national team cycling manual. Gathering experience, getting to know my colleagues and, above all, I trained hard. I put everything on one card. I thought, “My time is now – I have to take advantage of it.” I took part in several international events and I think that showed the good side. I did everything to pursue their passion, their dreams and to feel what I felt as a boy once.

After buying a new bike in December 2014. (The purchase was made possible with the financial support of the Foundation Rafal Wilk Foundation, Jolanta and Leszek Czarnecki, and many individuals on Facebook by collecting) began the fight with time and prepare for the next season. New bike, first coach, the club and at the end of the schedule for the season. I started working with a group of sports GVT (Gucwa Velo Trainer). I trained hard for many months to have a chance to participate in an event of my life, they were World Cup in 2015 Nottwil.

In June 2015 I signed a sponsorship contract with the firm for damages VOTUM SA, pledging to represent the company during the next sporting events. At the turn of July and August I turned up, along with the leaders of Polish cycling manually at the World Championships in Switzerland. I fulfilled a dream – to be there is a huge honor. The eighth and the ninth player in the world, two races – here are my results!

In 2016 I won all the World Cup and was ranked first in the ranking of the International Cycling Union.

I am proud of what I achieved so far and I will have a lot of further work. 2017 will be a watershed …